Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing for Freeter Foods


Freeter Foods started off with a dream to change India’s perception of packaged food. They seek to kick out packaged Monsters of Oil and Cholesterol from customers shelves and replace them with the timeless tastes curated by Mother Nature.
In their very limited time in the market, They’ve managed to create a Fruit Revolution with Freeter Fruits and reinvented Corn as an everywhere snack with OG Corn. Thousands of happy customers have come onboard the FREETER EXPRESS.
Markitals and Freeter Foods collaborated to implement innovative performance marketing strategies on prominent platforms like Google and Meta.


  • Low Average Order Value
  • Low conversion rate on the website
  • Offers climming is very low.

Strategy and Process

By strategically combining creativity and experience, Markitals improved Freeter’s online exposure and user experience.

This collaboration demonstrated the benefits of combining technology and the food business, using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to build relationships, drive innovation, and improve Freeter’s brand recognition online.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Our team implemented a strategic conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiative focused on enhancing the product page experience. We strategically placed sales booster badges to highlight quality of the products. Additionally, we incorporated prominent payment badges to instill trust and security in the purchase process.

Finally, we effectively curated and presented exclusive offers with the greatest clarity and appeal.

Meta Campaign:

Understanding their target audience’s online behavior and preferences, we crafted a performance marketing campaign focused on driving conversions. Leveraging cutting-edge creative assets, including visually striking images and engaging video ads, we showcased the convenience, freshness, and vibrant flavours of FREETERS’ healthy treats.

By strategically targeting the campaign towards individuals seeking delicious and healthy snacking options, we successfully drove qualified traffic to the FREETERS website, resulting in a significant increase in conversions and a boost in overall sales.


  • Impressions – 23,95,125
  • ROAS – from 0.63 to 6.93
  • Cost Per Results – from ₹1612 to ₹90

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