Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing for Huesfab


HUESFAB believes everyone should be themselves and express their unique style. They offer a wide range of trendy and fashionable items that anyone can wear and feel confident in. They’re all about creating a lifestyle that’s true to you.


  • No offers
  • Low Average Order Value
  • Low conversion rate on the website

Strategy and Process

We developed a data-driven approach and enhanced the user experience on HUESFAB’s website in order to boost their online visibility and increase sales.

This strategic approach yielded significant results, propelling HUESFAB’s online sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We helped Huesfab increase the conversion rate on their website by making its product pages even better! We added special badges to show how great their products are and clear payment badges to make sure everyone feels safe buying from them.

We also made their special offers clear and enticing, so people couldn’t resist! Because of these changes, Huesfab saw a big jump in sales!

Meta Campaign:

By identifying Huesfab’s ideal client and their online preferences, we developed a marketing campaign aimed at increasing sales. We used eye-catching photos and engaging videos to showcase Huesfab’s stylish and comfortable clothes.

By targeting people who love fashion and want unique pieces, we sent them straight to the Huesfab website. As a result, Huesfab saw an increase in sales and a significant growth in their company.


  • Impressions – 10,398,285
  • ROAS – from 6.60 to 12.59
  • Cost Per Results – from ₹101.69 to ₹64.66

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